White Chestnut: obsessive thought

White Chestnut is the Flower of worried, torturing, obsessive thoughts, of interior dialogue inducing insomnia, lack of attention, failing memory. It brings tranquillity and peace.

White Chestnut has a peculiarity: it can “stick” to any other emotional state and amplify it too much. Let’s imagine sick old people who cannot sleep at night because they keep brooding over the results of medical tests, or others who are upset because they cannot go back to their houses or suffer from increasing anger, etc.

I have frequently used White Chestnut, even with hospital patients who obsessively spent whole days singing, counting or ceaselessly calling out. I must admit that in these instances, since the mind appeared de-structured, I found it very difficult to restore balance. I added Crab Apple for obsession and, in some specific cases, a Flower against anguish, need of attention, fear.

White Chestnut

image by Larry Krause